Stand Blue Technology - Projects

quser - Tools for qmail and Maildir's.
Motodo - A todo manager written in Moto.
Markive - A mailing list archiving and search tool, written in Moto.
vadduser-tmda - An automated script for setting up TMDA on vpopmail accounts.
rdesktop-open - A GUI frontend to rdesktop, written in Python.
Various patchs for qmail and friends. qmail badmailfrom environment variable patch.
Miscellaneous Information
Coyote Linux Netgear FA311 Drivers
Trac for RHEL4, including sqlite3, pysqlite and clearsilver, as well as SRPMS for each. I could not find any RPMS for Trac for Red Hat Enterprise 4, so I built these.
Python 2.2.3 (RH7.2, without Tkinter)
Python 2.3.2 (RH7.2, without Tkinter)
OpenSSH 3.8.1p1 (Red Hat 7.2, 7.3, 8.0 and ES 3.0)
Moto Documentation - Information for installing and configuring The Moto Programming Language.
A few notes on djbdns - An alternative to BIND.
A collection of clockspeed related resources.
My collection of tweaks to Life With qmail - Notes on installing qmail
Mirrors -
Community -- The following sites are hosted for free. If your Open Source project needs a home, please feel free to contact Cory Wright at to discuss possibilities.
The BincIMAP project

From Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead":

"But not a line seemed superfluous, not a needed plane was missing. The structures were austere and simple, until one looked at them and realized what work, what complexity of method, what tension of thought had achieved the simplicity."
She is speaking of Howard Roark and his architectural designs. She might as well have been describing qmail, djbdns and most of Dan Bernstein's other software.