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Motodo - A Todo Manager Written in Moto

Motodo is no longer being developed. However, it is such a simple tool that it may meet most requirements for an online todo manager.

The current version (0.6) no longer supports single users, thus every user must login. If you want a version that doesnt require a login then download the 0.2 release, its still available.

Update: Switched to codex.db.mysql

With the release of Moto 0.15.0 the MySQL extension changed names from codex.sql to codex.db.mysql. The only difference between motodo-0.4 and motodo-0.5 is the updated extension name. If you are using Moto 0.15.0 or greater then get motodo-0.5, if you are using an earlier release of Moto then get motodo-0.4 .

New Features in motodo-0.4 (current version is 0.6)

Motodo is written in the Moto Programming Language, a new web based language geared for high performance. Motodo uses a MySQL backend to store all reminders, but I am hopeful that PostgreSQL support will be added soon. Motodo is currently being developed with Moto 0.20.0.

A todo manager should be just as simple as a todo list itself. Motodo will not be dependent on Javascript or CSS for anything to ensure that it will work in all browsers, including lynx.

Installation Instructions

Motodo is public domain software. I don't care what you do with it, but remember, Motodo comes with no warranty.

Old Releases

The first release to support multiple users. Works with Moto versions less than 0.15.0.
The first public release of Motodo. This version only supports single users, and has no password mechanism.
Cory Wright (cwright /at/ standblue. net)