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Coyote Linux modules for natsemi.o and pci-scan.o

After a couple hours of trying to figure out why my
Coyote Linux router wasn't working properly I found this posting in the forums. It seems that part of the problem was that the Netgear Support page kept saying to use the rtl8139.o driver for the FA311 cards. As it turns out what you really need is the natsemi.o and pci-scan.o drivers.

I followed the instructions that "Blade Sharpener" wrote on that page by downloading the coyote kernel, reading the docs at, and compiling everything.

I dont know if this is the correct way to do it or not, but it worked for me. After I had compiled natsemi.o and pci-scan.o I copied these two files to the drivers/ directory in the untarred coyote directory. After that I ran ./ and when it asked me which driver to use for eth0 I typed "natsemi". It then asked for the driver for eth1, and I typed "pci-scan". This, of course, isnt correct, but I wasnt sure of another proper way to get a module on the floppy. I figured that once it was on there I would also be able to change things and backup the disk.

So after the script finished making the disk I took it down to the coyote machine and popped it in the drive. On first boot it didnt work (I didnt expect it to), so I had to make some minor changes. You should open up /etc/modules and make sure that the pci-scan line is above the natsemi line. Save this file, backup the disk and reboot.

You can download the tarball file that contains the natsemi.o and pci-scan.o modules here.

Leif Wickland has written a detailed explanation of his experience getting the FA311 to work with Coyote. This is particularly useful for people using the Windows disk creator.

Kevin Caldwell has added support for the popular Netgear FA311 rev C1 adapter. You can find more information on his site:

If everything works for you, please email me and let me know.