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Markive - A Mailing List Archiving Tool Written in Moto

Markive is a MySQL based mailing list archiving and search program written in Python and The Moto Programming Language .

You only need Moto installed if you plan to use the web interface. The database insertion tool ( from markive-tools) has been rewritten in Python. The script has been tested with Python 2.2.1, but may work with others. You will need to have the MySQLdb module installed, which can be found at

Installation instructions are included in the markive-tools package, but basically it boils down to running:

  # ./configure [options]
  # ./setup

Current versions:

Recent changes in markive

0.2 to 0.3 (Mar 8, 2003) 0.1 to 0.2 (Feb 28, 2003)

Recent changes in markive-tools

0.10 to 0.11 (Feb 19, 2003) 0.3 to 0.10 (Feb 18, 2003)